It’s about boldly embracing who you are, where you are, and what you’ve been given. 

It’s about opening yourself up to being used by the Holy Spirit in every part of your life. 

A little bit inspirational but mostly practical, Bold Blooming will challenge you to get out of God’s way, get out of your own way, and be like the good stewards in the parable of the talents – using God’s gifts with intention to grow His kingdom, even if you feel like you have nothing to give. (I can 100% promise you – you absolutely have gifts to give.)

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Hello! My name is Jill Simons. I am a Catholic wife and mom of three little people as well as the founder and Creative Director at the Favoring Brave family of brands, including Pink Salt Riot and Kindred Forest Co.

I am passionate about helping people see the joy and beauty in their gifts, whatever they might be, and sharing my own gifts through my motherhood, art, and speaking. 

I created Bold Blooming because I see way too many incredible people sidelined by the deathtrap of comparison and convinced that they don’t have much to give the world or the Church.

It’s a lie and we know where those come from.

So I’m hear to listen, learn, share, and above all, tell the truth – if you are alive that’s proof that the Church has a spot only you can fill.


Bold Blooming is sponsored by Pink Salt Riot, a lifestyle brand for modern Christian women. The main goal at PSR is to create beautiful things that bring your heart and mind back to your center, your purpose as a member of the Church, just like we talk about on the show. As a special perk of being a Bold Blooming listener, you can get 15% off the whole shop right now with the code boldblooming. (Excludes items already on sale and Yearly Joy Box subscriptions.)